HACK U 5 – Review Rating Predictor


Review – An object that contains a user’s evaluation of a place, product or service. This object will contain, at least, the source of the review, the review text, and the review rating (typically on a 1-5 scale).

Use Case

Reviews are an important part of the consumer experience. Users often base their purchasing decisions on others’ experiences so including them on your business website is normally a value-add. Conversely, when users attempt to “game” the review system by entering review fake reviews or comments that don’t match their rating, other consumers end up with a poor experience. To help mitigate this and other related problems, your challenge is to accurately predict the rating of a given review by analyzing the text.

MVP Requirements

  • Create a script or API service that can accept a Review or array of reviews and accurately predict the rating
  • Create a basic UI that allows a user to input a Review and submit it for analysis
  • Display the analysis of that review on submission

Suggested Tools Yelp review data from Data Set Challenge

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