HACK U 5 – Hacktag Raffle

Rafflebot – The system you will create that monitors social media, manages raffle tickets, and selects prize winners at random.
Admin – The person using the rafflebot to run a social media raffle.
Follower – A social media user that gets entered into the raffle drawing when using the event hashtag.

Use Cases:

As the chairman of HACK U 5 I would like a rafflebot that monitors Facebook and Twitter for posts from followers of @DomEnterprises that use the hashtag #HACKU5. The system should keep record of the number of times each follower has been entered into the drawing and when a user selected as a winner they have one entry removed from the pool of possible winners.

MVP Requirements
1.) The system can monitor Facebook and Twitter for the event hashtag (i.e. #HACKU5).
2.) When a follower uses the event hashtag they are added into the drawing.
  2b.) The rafflebot can verify the user is following the company before entering them into the drawing.
3.) Every time a follower makes a new post using the event hashtag they are entered into the drawing again.
  3b.) If a user re-posts the same content they are not entered into the drawing a second time.
4.) An admin can configure a maximum number of times a follower can be entered into the drawing.
5.) The rafflebot will randomly select a follower entered into the drawing.
  5b.) The rafflebot notifies an admin with the follower’s username when they have been selected from a drawing.

Bonus Feature
1.) When a follower posts but forgot the hashtag or is not following the company the rafflebot tweets at them or posts on their Facebook wall what they still need to do to get entered into the drawing.

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