Challenge #1 – Floor Plan Visualizer

We would like a web based UI to include with our sites and that helps home sellers and property managers (admins) define floor plans for a home or apartment (unit) and allows visitors to the site (users) to visualize their furniture within that floor plan.
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Challenge #2 – Graffiti

In any type of feedback loop with regards to computers, screenshots serve as one of the primary illustrations of a problem or recommendation. To add notes to it, a user has to save and draw on it using a program external to a web browser. The goal of project Graffitti is to create a tool that allows a user to draw on a webpage which records commands to the URL so that when the user sends a link, a recipient can open the webpage and see the re-tagged graffiti.
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Challenge #3 – Charlotte

Developers often find times where they need data from a site but there is no easy way to get it programmatically. Most devs will write a data scraper to pull the data they need from that site. Almost everyone of these data scrapers completely unusable for any other data on that page, let alone another site. Charlotte aims to be a configurable web scraper where a user only needs to select the elements they want to scrape and then Charlotte spins her web.
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Challenge #4 – Versioned Lambda Deployer

Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers the Lambda service that lets a developer execute their code without managing servers. This compute service is only enabled to run code stored in an S3 bucket, from a .zip file, or from an inline code editor specific for that Lambda. This causes problems for developers that want to use version control for the code executed on the Lambda. This project is about bridging the gap between version control and an AWS Lambda.
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Challenge #5 – Social Media Rafflebot

A common way companies interact with their followers on social media is by raffling some novelty prize to any Facebook/Twitter user that includes a specific hashtag in a post. This years HACK U is no different. Any participant that follows @DomEnterprises on Facebook or Twitter and uses the hashtag #HACKU5 during the event receives a raffle ticket. At random times an organizer pulls tickets from a hat and awards prizes. We would like a system that handles this entire process for us.
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Challenge #6 – Kindling

Project Kindling aims to identify all of the existing resources within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and their dependencies so the resources can be destroyed in the proper order. Much like a database tables with foreign keys there are constraints within your AWS infrastructure. For example a Virtual Private Gateway (VPC)cannot be removed when there is an Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance running inside that VPC. Kindling should identify all of the resources charging the account money using a service like AWS Config, and provided a list of resources can be deleted and in what order.
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Challenge #7 – GitHub Merit Badges

As a repository owner I would like to introduce gamification to the repositories I manage. It’s one thing to talk about best practices and another to award badges for following them. I would like a utility that monitors my repositories and awards badges when certain events occur. Events can be a Pull Request (PR) was created, a PR was merged, a user left a comment, or created a new issue. Don’t stop there though, because there are a ton of other events that can occur. I would also like this utility to gently nudge users that do not follow best practices in the right direction.
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Challenge #8 – Yelp Photo Analysis

Photos can, and typically do, make the web beautiful. Photos of poor quality often have a reverse effect. To the eye, determining which photos are high quality is not that difficult. We look for clarity, color, and interesting objects. Giving computers this same vision is a bit more difficult. The challenge here is to analyze a group of photos and rank them according to quality.
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Challenge #9 – Yelp Take Me There

When moving to a new place, there are so many factors to consider. The greatest of those is, where you should live. There are so many questions to be answered when considering your next home. Your challenge is to scrape, pull, and aggregate as much relevant data as possible into a tool that will help users find their perfect spot.
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Challenge #10 – Yelp Review Rating Predictor

Reviews are an important part of the consumer experience. Users often base their purchasing decisions on others’ experiences so including them on your business website is normally a value-add. Conversely, when users attempt to “game” the review system by entering review fake reviews or comments that don’t match their rating, other consumers end up with a poor experience. To help mitigate this and other related problems, your challenge is to accurately predict the rating of a given review by analyzing the text.
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Challenge #11 – Bring Your Own Project!

We encourage participants to submit their own project for judging. If you do submit your own project you will need to provide at least one use case for the project as well as a list of key requirements for a minimum viable product.
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